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Important Notice for Production Line Upgrading for Green Manufacturer

2017-09-02 15:13:29

In response to China "Made In China 2025" planning and the "Green Manufacturing",HEPO has made planning to updating all our production lines step by step in order to make our proudction process and products are much more environment friendly.
Some production lines are improving or establishing currently.Due to this reason,partial goods of orders delivery time will be delaid.We honestely suggest every clients and agents can contact HEPO sales engineer for getting the latest stock situation for each model.
We are very sorry for the matters brought to you and we do wish you can understand it.Once we finished it,we will delivery goods to you as early as possible.The latest delivery time can contact with HEPO sales engineer for getting.

To improving the quality for HEPOBIO products and to protecting the good environment of the Earth is duty for HEPO INTERNTIONAL and everyone of us!We are positive action for it,wish you can join us too!