1,Usually,the refrigerator or freezer shall be have a careful treatment one month.It can be shorter or longer according to different situation to keep the cabinet in good working situation.
2,Body cleaning: please use non-corrosive neutral cleaning agent to clean the inside and outside surfaces of the ultra low temperature freezer and then use dry cloth to wipe it up.
Notes: It is strictly prohibited to use water to directly wash the inside and outside surfaces of the freezer so as not to affect the insulating property of electrical equipment. Boiling water, cleaner, acid, alkali, gasoline, alcohol, benzene, corrosive cleaning agent and scrub-bush are forbidden in cleaning.
3,Clean dusts on the condenser frequently by banister brush or vacuum cleaner to maintain good condensing effect.
4,Regularly wipe a little talcum powder on the door seal to extend the service life of the sealing strip.
5,If the ultra low temperature freezer has been running for a long time, frost may be easily accumulated on the door seal, the opening part of the freezer and the side wall inside the freezer. If the frost layer is too thick, the sealing property and the refrigerating property may be affected. Therefore, please defrost regularly and wipe it clean with dry cloth.
6,Please use non-corrosive neutral cleaning agent to clean the inside and outside surfaces of the freezer and then use dry cloth to wipe it up.

Machine halt:
when stop using the freezer, unplug the power plug, clean it according to the above method, cover it with a plastic bag after natural drying and put it on a ventilated and clean place.

Usage Tip:
1,Before storing articles, please keep the freezer running in empty state. When the freezer is running stably (it is best to keep it running in empty state for 5 hours above) and the inside is cooled completely, the cold store articles can be put in.
2,Articles or other products put in the freezer in one time shouldn’t be too much. Proper clearance should be left to help the circulation of the inside cold air.
The refrigerating system of the ultra low temperature freezer is a device used for maintaining low temperature rather than a quick freezing device. If you want to store high capacity (high water-bearing material), precool them in other quick-freezing plant and then store them in the freezer to avoid long-time running without stop of the refrigerating system.
3,When the initial storage capacity is large, a method of gradually lowering the temperature set should be adopted. The temperature is lowered by 10℃ in every step and then maintained for 1-2 hours until the storage temperature is reached.
4,When storing plastic bag products, please note that do not get them close to metal edges to avoid scratch of plastic bag.

More details can refer to our operation manual along with the products delivered by you or contact our sales person for getting it.