Ture Communication about Price and Qaulity for HP-PF210 Pharmacy Refrigerator with Freezer as followed early this day:
 [10:47:57] john:then why not offer more discount
 [10:47:58] john: i mean **** (price) is still high
 [10:48:17] GARRY: Really not high.
 [10:49:07] GARRY: Because our quality is for our products is not for low end market countries.
 [10:49:29] GARRY: The quality for our products are in middle and high end style.
 [10:49:36] GARRY: In domestic.
 [10:49:54] GARRY: You can know it if you have done this product before.
 [10:51:02] GARRY: The raw material and the spare parts are in better quality.If for  Myanmar market,our products can be nearly same as they imported from USA or other European market.
 [10:51:39] GARRY: Your client will know this once they got it.
 [10:52:20] john: this will be our first cooperation with your company
 [10:52:43] john: i am expecting a suitable products,which is pricing and quality
 [10:52:53] GARRY: En,
 [10:53:34] GARRY: You can visit our website.All our service and products and information will be published in official website.
 [10:54:11] GARRY: Many oversea clients contact us from this website.
 [10:54:42] GARRY: You can see our after sales policy from it.It's used for all our products.
 [10:55:38] GARRY: For refrigerator,the regular matter is the frozing or even have ice in back of the refrigerator.
 [10:56:15] GARRY: Many clients in Myanmar,Vietnam,etc using this kinds of refrigerator.
 [10:56:20] GARRY: It's very cheap.
 [10:56:45] GARRY: Because the spare parts and the cooling way are in cheaper style.
 [10:57:14] GARRY: But the client can accept this quanlity,I am always wonder why they can accept these products.
 [10:57:49] GARRY: Rather a several factory produced these refrigerator for these countries.
 [10:58:18] GARRY: So in fact,we are not focus on market for these countries.
 [11:01:21] GARRY: But for this model,the price is really not in high end.
 [11:01:50] GARRY: Client will find there will be no condensation water inside,which will wet the medicine box.
 [11:02:43] GARRY: And they can trust the temperature showed in the screen is same as test result inside the cabinet.It's trustworthy for storage the valued medince,vaccine inside our refrigerator.
 [11:03:20] GARRY: That's the high performance price ratio products.

Low end quality refrigerator cheap but do matter much for usage!Wish all client shall value much for the medicine/vaccine/injection cold storage condition,it's same for value human health and life!

Sincerely yours,