Dear Agents/End Users

Along with our Auto Chemistry Analyzer is more and more popular in the market,many clients give query for our offer at first time.

How to responsum the bit "higher" offer along with our perfect product?Followed please find our suggestions to you.

Shortsighted Agent always value much price much while the user and technicist will value much for the basic performance,the repetitiveness,Accuracy,Steady,linearity,difference of Adding Sample,clinic index,etc.

Take our SL180 Bench Top Auto Chemistry Analyzer speaking.It has top-ranking technology to approve the exact technical date above,while the price is second rate.But the spare parts and super pre and after sales service make you enjoy the first-class serice.

That's the reason why you shall choosing SL180 Auto Chemistry Analyzer.

What's more,we also have reagent department for supplying you the originial reagent in reasonable price and delivery in time to make sure your usage is safety and smoothly in future.

HEPO INTERNATIONAL always offer you the clear price but reasonable with all cost at first time.Only in this way,our business cooperation will be smoothly,our friendship will last forever!

How is your idea?

More details for our product and service,feel free to contact HEPO INTERNATIONA sales engineer to get relative documents.
Warm Regards!