HEPO INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY SOLUTION FOR HOSPITAL AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS.We can manufacturer products of Biochemistry Analyzer,Hematology Analyzer,Urine Analyzer,Elisa Reader,Dental unit,Biological Safety Cabinet,Laminar Flow Cabinet,Fume Hood,Autoclave,Incubator,Medical Refrigerator,Deep Freezer,Cooler Box,etc.
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  • Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven with Vacuum Pump

    The HP series vacuum drying oven can supply a much higher temperature with low atmospheric pressure chamber for drying powder, baking,and disinfection or sterilization for various glass containers.Specially can be used for drying of heat sensitive product

  • Laboratory Forced Air Drying Oven

    These forced air drying oven is upgraded style air jacket style drying oven which is suitable for laboratory,medicine and health care,scientific research units,industry lab and so on for large items of drying,baking,melting wax,sterilization,cure to use.M

  • High End Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven

    It can be used for reduce the water content in materials instantly based on the feature of high temperature and low pressure.Perfect Functions:  1. Door structure:Special safety glass with flexible suspended doorframe spring structure to gu