HEPO INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY SOLUTION FOR HOSPITAL AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS.We can manufacturer products of Biochemistry Analyzer,Hematology Analyzer,Urine Analyzer,Elisa Reader,Dental unit,Biological Safety Cabinet,Laminar Flow Cabinet,Fume Hood,Autoclave,Incubator,Medical Refrigerator,Deep Freezer,Cooler Box,etc.
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  • Laboratory HighTemperature Water Circulator Bath Instruments

    HP series high temperature water circulator bath is a high temperature heating source developed by HEPO. The high temperature circulator is suitable for Laboratory jacketed reaction kettle, chemical pilot reaction, high temperature distillation, semicondu

  • Laboratory Low Temperature Water Circulator Bath

    HP series Low Temperature Water Circulator Bath is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medical and health, life sciences, light industry food property testing and chemical analysis research d

  • Laboratory Water Bath

    Our WB series water bath was used high quality stainless steel and microcomputer intellective temperature control to make the heating precisely and reliable for your process.Main Features:1.Internal material:High quality stainless steel.2.Use microcompute