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  • OEM High End White Color ICE Cool Box

    We can OEM high quality cooler box for fishing,yachting&boating,hunting&shooting,medical storage or transportion usage.Roto molded production process,thickness can be 100 to 110mm,super heat insulation,high strength,food grade,much safety and eco-friendl

  • Roto Molded Vaccine Medicine Cooler Box

    The HP series vaccine cooler box is specially designed for vaccine,medicine,blood plasma,biology products short storage and trans-shipment with Ice pack as refrigeration source.It can be realized to keep the temperature inside from 2℃ to 8 ℃,2℃ to 10 ℃

  • Intelligent Blood Bank Blood Platelet Oscillator Shaker Incubator

    HP series Intelligent Blood Bank Blood Platelet Oscillator Shaker Incubator integrated function of the platelet shaker and platelet shaker incubator.The B Style Platelet shaker incubator is our new developed products.It is the fourth generation of Platele

  • Blood Bank and Donation Microcomputer Blood Collection Mixer and Scale

    HEPOBIO Brand HP-BCM series microcomputer blood collection controller was developed by our factory. The series of product is controlled by microcomputer in the controller, with functions of bearing, deducting blood weight, blood collection control, pallet

  • HP-BTS300 High Frequency Blood Bag Tube Sealer

    The HP series tube sealer is automatic high frequency heat sealing machine. This product is designed according to the principle that the PVC pipeline generates polarization and adheres under the action of high frequency electric field.It has advantages of

  • Safety Vaccine Medicine Storage Patent GSP Certified Pharmacy Refrigerator

    Strictly meet newest GSP policy for medicine,vaccine storage,using selected famous brand compressor and high steady anti-jamming temperature control system inside the pharmacy refrigerator.Micro computer control system,digital display,temperature can be c

  • GSP Grade Medicine Vaccine Clooing Storage Pharmacy Refrigerator

    HEPOBIO Brand GSP grade medicine vaccine cooling storage pharamcy refrigerator is using selected famous brand compressor to have better effect freezing.Micro computer control system,digital display,temperature can be controlled from 2 ℃ to 8 ℃ degree or

  • Large Capacity Chest ICE-lined Rotational Molding Cooler Box

    The large capacity cooler box rotational molding cooler box,which can be widely used for outdoor cold storage during transport,such as vaccine,blood plasma,biology products,dry ice storage,Seafood Market transporting etc.Better thermal keeping effect,with

  • Full Stainless Steel Luxurious Mortuary Corpse Refrigerator

    The corpse mortuary refrigerator is used for corpse storage or freezing in mortuary,funeral parlor,and postmortem examination departments.The temperature can be controlled from 1℃ to 5℃ for storage or 5℃ to -20℃ for freezing according to your demands.

  • -40C to -86C Low Noise Low Energy Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

    The -86 degree ultra low temperature freezer can be used for storage virus,germs,blood plasma,blood,skin,bone marrow,sperm,biology product,oceanic product and others.It can be applicant to research institute,chemical ,military,electronics,piscatorial and

  • -25C to -60C 14.1 Cu.Ft Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

    This series of -60 ℃ deep freezer is silent designing based on the have better thermal keeping designing and perfect alarm functions demands.Selected famous compressor with EBM fan and evaporator ways to make sure the freezing effect.It can be widely use

  • -40C 9.5Cu.Ft Upright Medical Freezer

    The -40 ℃ deep freezer can control the temperature inside from -15 degree to -40 degree,and set two silicone rubber seals for the out door to keep the better thermal effect and energy saving.Italy computer control system,Germany or Italy compressor used,