FAQ for HP-CHEM250Y Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

HP-CHEM250Y auto biochemistry analyzer is one of our bench top popular auto biochemistry analyzer.It is 250tests/hour speed around.Followed please find the regular questions for your reference.Does it comes with the software or the computer, or Read More →

Can HEPOBIO brand Ultra-low temperature Deep Freezer be used on Vessel in Sea?

Questions From Clients:If HEPOBIO brand Freezers can be used on Vessel?What shall be attention to for the installations?Answers from HEPO Engineer:Yes,HEPO's deep freezer can be used onto vessel due to followed reasons:1,Considering the shake situatio Read More →

Brazilian Client's Questions for HEPOBIO Refrigerators and Freezers

One Brazilian client interesting to order our Pharmacy Refrigerator and Deep Freezers in large quantitie,followed please find the questions:  Friend, I have some doubts, could you please respond? See below:    1 - How many hours does your f Read More →

How to devide N grade,S grade,B grade Laboratory Autoclave

Many agents are new for autoclave and may be not sure our several series laboratory autoclave by N style,S style and B style.Followed please find the simple explaination for it. There are Class B grade,Class S grade,Class N grade autoclave in this line.Wh Read More →

April Factory Repay Offer For Laboratory Clinic Hospital Equipment

Here we would like to enclosed our factory repay offer for featured goods for Veterinary 3D Color Doppler and Mini Class II Biological Safety Cabinet.They are all widely used in Laboratory or Clinic or Hospital. Read More →

Usage of Absorption Refrigerator

Absorption Refrigerator:The New Chance and change for Medical Cold Storage and Transportation!Using Kerosene or LP-Gas as power for the refrigerator.Much convenient and no noise at all!For Medicine and Vaccine cold storage in the hospital ward,cause no no Read More →

Holiday Notice for October

Dear Agent,Clients,Here we would like to note you our China National Day festival will coming from 1st to 7th of October.Some parts workman will come back to work on 4th of October.But each department will have one person in duty for dealing urgent things Read More →

​HEPO Autumn Product Know-how Competition-First Season

Warm celebrate HEPO Autumn Product Know-how Competition-First Season hold successfully this morning in IVD department for HEPO INTERNATIONAL.NANCY was the gold medal winner.HEPO TINERNATIONAL Read More →

A Bit "Higher" Offer And True "Perfect" Auto Chemistry Analyzer

Along with our Auto Chemistry Analyzer is more and more popular in the market,many clients give query for our offer at first time.
How to responsum the bit "higher" offer along with our perfect product?Followed please find our suggestions to you. Read More →

Software User Friendly for HD-F2600 Plus Auto Chemistry Analyzer

how to do once client need to evaluate if the software is user friendly for HD-F2600Plus Auto Chemistry Analyzer?Followed please find the suggestions followed: Read More →

Communication for Price And Quality of Pharmacy Refrigerator with Freezer

Ture Communication about Price and Qaulity for HP-PF210 Pharmacy Refrigerator with Freezer as followed early this day... Read More →

​Treatment and Usage Tip for Refrigerator and Freezer

Treatment:1,Usually,the refrigerator or freezer shall be have a careful treatment one month.It can be shorter or longer according to different situation to keep the cabinet in good working situation.2,Body cleaning: please use non-corrosive neutral cleani Read More →