One Brazilian client interesting to order our Pharmacy Refrigerator and Deep Freezers in large quantitie,followed please find the questions:
 Friend, I have some doubts, could you please respond? See below:
 1 - How many hours does your fridge(camera) turn on when a power failure occurs? What is the battery life? What is the compressor voltage, 12 or 24 volts?
 2 - How many months can I store the history of temperature, alarms and etc. inside the controller? What is the way I can send the reports, via USB (pendrive)?
 3 - What are the alarms your camera has?
 4 - How much does each tray cost?
 5 How much does each separate drawer cost?

And followed please find the answers for our HEPOBIO refrigerators and freezers:
 1,Yes,our  fridge (camera) will have time delay function for 3 to 4 minutes after the power on.Then the compressor can be work to make it safety.And the compressor we used are AC compressor regularly with 220V,50Hz or 110V,60Hz accordingly.If it workable?
 For the temperature display screen,it's ok for set a chargeable battery to support the electricity after state electricity power off.Usually it can support 8 hours or more accordingly.The chargeable battery is optional for medicine refrigerator.But for HEPOBIO blood bank refrigerator and ultra low temperature freezer,it usually set it as standard.Such as model of HEPO-B120,HEPO-B680 blood bank refrigerator and HP-86U350P and HP-86U350 ultra low temperature freezer.
 2,For history temperature date,usually it can store one year around.As for HP-U260 series pharmacy refrigerator,it is ok for checking the history date and transport the date out to computer through USB port.USB port is also optional for some models.
 3,Alarms for temperature high or low of the setting point is regular function.For other alarms,such as sensor failure,door adjar,etc depends on models.
 4,For the tray cost,it depends on the models.After you confirming the models,I will send the cost to you along with them.
5,For drawer,it's same as tray.Some models even without drawers.So please confirm the models,I will confirm if there are drawers and the cost.

So,if there are orders for the goods now?Maybe you can confirm the models,with the functions you wish,I can make a details offer accordingly with all set according to you.

HEPOBIO series medical refrigerator,deep freezers,ultra low temperature freezers have more functions and set for easy and convient for usage in medical cooling storage,vaccine cooling keept during transport and ultra low temperature storage.The quality is trustable and worthy for your usage.