Many agents are new for autoclave and may be not sure our several series laboratory autoclave by N style,S style and B style.Followed please find the simple explaination for it.
There are Class B grade,Class S grade,Class N grade autoclave in this line.Which was stated by European Union firstly and popular in whole world currently for autoclave production and usage.

Class B grade regularly for Perforated materials(all weave materials),A style hollow materials,heat proof thermoplastic materials,etc usage.

Class S grade regularly for micro-perforated materials(monolayer gauze),B style and A style hollow materials(test tube),etc usage.
Class N grade regulary for big instruments or iron instruments,such as metal instrument,cotton,etc.

This divide standard is new pf EN13060,and nearly used in whole market currently.
Our model of HP-AC2N,HP-AC7N,HP-AC10N,HP-AC12N,HP-AC18N,HP-AC24N,etc are belong to N grade sterilizer.
Model of HP-AC2B,HP-AC7B,HP-AC24B,HP-AC18BIII,HP-AC24BIII,HP-AC45BIII,HP-AC60BIII and HP-AC80BIII,etc are B grade sterilizer.
Model of HP-AC24S,HP-AC45S,HP-AC-80S etc are S grade sterilizer.

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