As for software for our HD-F2600PLUS auto chemistry analyzer,it's not avilable for getting into it if no machine alone with it.Because we using the advanced technology to for it.Client need to be register the software with a poll code.And one machine has the unique poll code once it produced in our factory.

By using this technology to keep the safety for the software and it can improve the compatitility for the software and getter better test result for the analyzer.This is the one side for us to seperate other regular ones in the market.

Then how to do once client need to evaluate if the software is user friendly?Followed please find the suggestions followed:
 1,Inform us the pages client willing to know more,we can send pictures to you accordingly.Such as mine pages,adding samples,test,printing,etc.
 2,We have test machine in our factory for clients visit and training specially.You can come along with clients to see and operation the machine in our factory.

Clients will be always satisfity much for it and order the machines at once operate it by themselves.

If more needed or other questions,feel free to contact our sales engineer.

Warm Regards!