History & Chart

In the early 1990 of the 20th century,there are many small blood bank stations lied in the town of China for collecting the blood.Due to the a lack of safety consciousness for blood collection and blood transfusion,it produced the great possibility for obtain AIDS.It’s much more seriously for more poor region.Because the better equipments for blood collection and blood centrifuge and blood transfusion were also much shortage!So it caused many cut one to the heart AIDS Village! 

In year of 1999,the leader throw himself into the standardization project for blood bank station and got the honor of Model Blood Bank Station. 

In year of 2004,the Dragon company established for produce and sales of Cold Chain Medical Equipments.And the main production line is for Blood Bank Refrigerator,Blood Plasma Sharp Freezer,Low temperature blood preparation cabinet.And got the patent for -70 degree Blood Plasma Sharp Freezer. 

In year of 2006,the line for centrifuge is set.And the team for studying the Three Temperature Zone Blood Transporting Vehicle is established too.

 In year of 2009,the first Three Temperature Zone Blood Transporting Vehicle is produced.At same year,the leader decided to set foot into the Biosafety Business.

 In year of 2010,the Dragon Group established.And the cooperation with the local university and the local famous hospitals was signed.And we have set our feet into the line of Clinic and Application. 

In year of 2012,we belive the idea for “Fist Aid Products are not only for medical” can be better care of life.

In year of 2013,the team for HEPO was established for introducing our products to more oversea customers and importing the advanced technology for our business.

Only one thing is still in heart of us,the life is great,the safety and application is the guarantee.And that’s the motivity for all of us!

Organization Chart