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  • Laboratory Clean Room Pass Box

    The pass box is a kind of assistant equipment installed between the area which has different clean levels of clean room, is mainly used to transfer goods. It can reduce times of opening door, prevent the air convection between different rooms and minimize

  • Laboratory Water Bath

    Our WB series water bath was used high quality stainless steel and microcomputer intellective temperature control to make the heating precisely and reliable for your process.Main Features:1.Internal material:High quality stainless steel.2.Use microcompute

  • Hostpial and Office Aerosol Air Purifier

    Our HP series of air purifier is an air purification equipment with advanced purifier level.It can be widely used in hospital, small clinic, laboratory, office, meeting room and home etc. It can protect your life and your health through purifying dust, ge

  • Functional Laboratory and School Lab Laminar Air Flow Fume Hood

    The Fume hood is a popular exhaust equipment in lab room.Laminar Fume Hood can pull off the steam,smoke,dust and aerosol produced by the experiments which would be poisonous or harmful to human.And we can set proper filter according to you to clean the pu

  • High End Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven

    It can be used for reduce the water content in materials instantly based on the feature of high temperature and low pressure.Perfect Functions:  1. Door structure:Special safety glass with flexible suspended doorframe spring structure to gu

  • High End Constant Temperature And Humidity Testing Incubator

    It is mainly applied for long term storage test of drugs, food quality test, environmental test of resin material, auto parts and electrical & electronic appliances, water body analysis, BOD test, bacteria culture, microorganism culture, vaccine stora

  • High End Laboratory Auto Pulse Vacuum Vertical Steam Autoclave

    HP series high end Auto Pulse vacuum autoclave is B grade(EN13060) fully automatically sterilization device,with vacuum pump inside.Using high temperature and pressure for the sterilization of multi-aperture instruments and apparatus.It is mainly intended

  • Laboratory Popular 300tests Random Auto Biochemical Analyzer

    1,Newest model,perfect designing. 2,Mainframe of the computer with software installed along with analyzer,all test items and parameters can be set well before delivery. 3,Two persons can be trained freely for first time. 4,Additional spare parts with tool

  • CE Mark Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Laminar Air flow Clean bench can supply you the high cleanliness and germfree laminar air flow surroundings.All the operation are under constant positive pressure in order to prevent the infiltration of contaminated room air. The air flow can be horizonta

  • Laboratory Vertical Laminar Air Flow Clean Operation Cabinet

    Our DXC series of Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet is our new designed style according to customers.And it can be order to production accordingly.So this series are much popular in university's lab and the scientific research institution.And it can be

  • Bench Top Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

    We developed this Mini style Biological Safety Cabinet for customers’ table top usage.Main Advantages:1,Small dimension,save space.2,Centrifuge fan,speed adjustable;H14 HEPA Filter.3,Large LCD display:Operators can be check detailed status of the cabinet

  • CE Certified Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

    The Class II biological safety cabinet is an open-front, ventilated cabinet with negative pressure inside. The Class II biological safety cabinet will provide personnel, environment and product protection.It’s always used for doing dangerous experiments