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  • Laboratory Mutifunction flip-top Open High Pressure Steam Autoclave

    HP series flip-top open laboratory vertical steam autoclave is high pressure steam sterilizer machine.It is much popular for hospitals, laboratories, universities and other institutes where users need to sterilize temperature-resistance solid and liq

  • Laboratory Vacuum Drying Oven with Vacuum Pump

    The HP series vacuum drying oven can supply a much higher temperature with low atmospheric pressure chamber for drying powder, baking,and disinfection or sterilization for various glass containers.Specially can be used for drying of heat sensitive product

  • Laboratory High End Infrared Sensor CO2 Incubator

    HP-ACO series CO2 Incubator is our new generation products.Using world brand infrared CO2 concentration sensor and perfect temperature and humidity intelligent control system to supply a exact and steady growing environment.Main Advantages:1. Internal raw

  • Laboratory Forced Air Drying Oven

    These forced air drying oven is upgraded style air jacket style drying oven which is suitable for laboratory,medicine and health care,scientific research units,industry lab and so on for large items of drying,baking,melting wax,sterilization,cure to use.M

  • Laboratory 10.4inch Large Color Touch Screen 8 Channels Elisa Reader

    HP-ELISA5200 elisa reader is a medical instrument in laboratory,mainly used to immunity detection and microanalysis in chemistry and biochemistry in hospital and relevant clinical laboratory.It adopts photoelectric colorimetry with ELISA reagent to test.

  • CE Certified Advanced Auto Urinary Sediment Analyzer

    HP-URINS8000 Auto Urine Sediment Analyzer is able to detect urine particles with high accuracy in urine sediment. This instrument performs sample preparation, takes several pictures of each sample through its builtin microscope and evaluates them by a...

  • 200Tests High End Bench Top Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

    Type:Full automatic/random option /emergency first/Bench Top StyleModel:HP-CHEM200H Choosing Reasons:1,Newest model,perfect designing. 2,Mainframe of the computer with software installed along with analyzer,all test items and parameters can be set well be

  • 32parameters 5 Part Diff Auto Blood Cell Counter Analyzer

    Blood Cell Count Analyzer is mainly usde to detect the parameters of series of red blood cells and hemoglobin,platelet and leukocyte in the blood ,it is a vitro diagnostic equipment whicih is applied to quantitative analysis od blood cells fo clinical ,ho

  • Updated 400Tests/Hour Floor Style Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

    HP-CHEM400P Auto Biochemistry Analyzer is our updated laboratory popular chemistry analyzer.It is Fully automatic, Discrete, Random access,24 hour working for bear hospital large sample tests.The main spare parts are imported

  • Full Auto 3 Part Different WBC 22 Parameters Auto Blood Cell Hematology Analyzer

    HP-HEMA6500 Series of Automatic Hematology Analyzer is mainly designed to detect the parameters of the series of red blood cells and hemoglobin,platelet and leukocyte in the blood.It is a requisite vitro diagnostic equipment which is applied to quant

  • Laboratory Clean Room Pass Box

    The pass box is a kind of assistant equipment installed between the area which has different clean levels of clean room, is mainly used to transfer goods. It can reduce times of opening door, prevent the air convection between different rooms and minimize

  • Laboratory Water Bath

    Our WB series water bath was used high quality stainless steel and microcomputer intellective temperature control to make the heating precisely and reliable for your process.Main Features:1.Internal material:High quality stainless steel.2.Use microcompute