Dear Friends,

As new year of 2015 is going on,we'd like to invite you come to visit us for the new plans or projects for your Hospitals' or Laboratories' clients.Someone has done so,will you?

Gunua is a new client who visited us from 1st to 14th of March in early this month.They visited our international team and our new production line for Auto Biochemistry Analyzers,Auto Night Soil Analyzer in and finally they ordered our HD-F2600Plus Auto Biochemistry Analyzer and BSC-1300IIA2-X Biological Safety Cabinet for their hospital clients.And he give us a promise that the hospital can order more products once the machine work well there.More details can refer to “News" on 19th of March of in our website.

Ebola has give a great shock to the human health and the clinical laboratory.We have developed more products such as Class III Biological Safety Cabinet,Anesthetic apparatus,Patient Monitorfor clinical usage.And other safety operation cabinet such as Clean Booth,Dispensing Booth,Pathological Sampling Bench for widely usage for safety and application for human health.

Seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others.We honestly inviting you come to visit us for seeing our teams,our workers and our production line for your clients.

HEPO INTERNATIONAL is waiting for your feedback.
Warm Regards!