• Laboratory Deionized Pure Water Treatment Machine
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Laboratory Deionized Pure Water Treatment Machine
The HP-DPW15 Laboratory Deionized Pure Water Treatment Machine consists of pretreatment system, RO system, pure water system conveying unit and control system.It is much right for various laboratory purifier water usage. DI Water Application:Ultrapur
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The HP-DPW15 Laboratory Deionized Pure Water Treatment Machine consists of pretreatment system, RO system, pure water system conveying unit and control system.It is much right for various laboratory purifier water usage.

DI Water Application:Ultrapure water system inlet, glassware cleaning/rinsing, microbiological analysis, sample dilution and reagent preparation, etc. that do not require high water quality.
RO Water Application:Preparation of microbial culture media, buffer preparation, hydroponics, preparation of chemical and biochemical reagents, flame atomic absorption, water supply for laboratory equipment.

Main Features:
 Humanized water intake
 There are two water intake methods, manual water intake and quantitative water intake, and the water intake operation is more user-friendly;
 When taking water, it displays the current water intake flow, accumulated water intake, water quality, water temperature and water storage capacity of the water tank, allowing you to grasp the information of each water intake;
 Quantitative water intake function, can be set arbitrarily from 10ml-999999ml;
Qualitative water intake function can be set arbitrarily from 0.1-18.25 M

Comprehensive monitoring of water quality
 Online three-way water quality monitoring, real-time monitoring of influent water conductivity, pure water conductivity, deionized water resistivity and temperature;
 When the three-way water quality monitoring is abnormal, it will automatically alarm and display (parameters can be set);
 High-precision conductivity and resistivity monitor, the conductivity cell constant reaches 1.0cm-1, the resistance cell constant reaches 0.01cm-1, with automatic temperature compensation function,
 The temperature sensitivity reaches 0.1Celsius to ensure the accuracy of water quality monitoring.

Consumables Management
 The service life of PP, AC pretreatment column, RO reverse osmosis column and UP purification column can be judged by yourself (the service life can be set),
 You can also check the usage time of consumables, the amount of water treated and the replacement date;
 The consumables are all coded, and the system can store and view the replacement information of the consumables, which is convenient for the daily maintenance of the consumables.

Alarm System
 The system has a complete alarm management function, which mainly manages alarms such as water inlet, pure water and deionized water, inlet water pressure and the life of all consumables.
 When an alarm occurs, the alarm interface will pop up automatically to display and store the current alarm information.

Data Traceability
 The system can automatically store historical system alarms, historical water quality information, consumables usage and other records, and export data through the USB Host data interface to achieve data traceability.

Sterile Filter Outlet
 0.22um brand PES membrane filter to retention the particulate and bacterial,meet ASTM standards.

UV Sterilize(Optional)
 Single wavelength 254nm brand UV lamp,can be make the microbial content less than 0.1cfu/ml.Avoid bacterial growth and keep the precise and trustworthy for the experiments dates. 

Main Specification:
1. Influent water source:Conductivity <400μs, 5-45℃, 1.0-4.0Kgf/cm2 (When the conductivity of the influent water is >400μs, an external softener is recommended to choose )

2. Water production: ≥15L/H (under Influent conductivity = 400μs, measured at 25°C, 50psi and 15% recovery ratio)
3,Instant water production,2L/Min(When there is water in the water tank)
4.Water intake speed: 1.5-2L/min
5.III grade RO Water:Conductivity ≤ inlet water conductivity x2%;Organics removal rate >99%, when molecular weight >200 Daltons;Particle and microorganism removal rate >99%
6.DI water:Resistivity 16-18.25MΩ.cm@25℃;Total Organic Carbon (TOC)<30ppb(Depends on incoming water quality);Heavy metal ions (ppb) <0.1ppb;Bacteria N/A;Particulate matter (>0.22μm) N/A
7.Outlet:1 RO water outlet and 1 DI water outlet
9.Powers Source:AC,Single phase,220V/50Hz
10.Working Environment:Ambient temperature 5℃-45℃;Relative humidity 20%-80%
11.External Size:H555*W545*D390mm
12.Net Weight:28kgs
Note:1,The quality of the influent water will affect the quality of the pure water and the life of the filter column.2,PF: pre-filtration; AC: activated carbon; RO: reverse osmosis; DI: ion exchange

Sales & After Sales:HEPO INTERNATI9ONAL supply one year quanlity guarrantee for main body and free training 2 persons for first time.Reagents can be supplied by original produced by ourselves.Various technical support and maintanance suggest by our professional application engineers and sales engineers.