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Gather Lover Go Together for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

2022-01-27 11:17:59

The new year 2022 is coming and it's much special for China and HEPOBIO.We all focus on 4th of February for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.In response to "Gather Lover Go Together",HEPO group has holding Marathon Skating and Olympic ICE and Snow knowledge presntation here.

The father of modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin said that sport is including beauty,justice, daring,honor,joy,progress and peace.Beijing 2022 will be a sucessful Games for the world,and an experience about the future and what cutting-edge modernity has to offer.HEPOBIO sincerely invite Athletes and Winter Sports Fans around the world to take part and enjoy the Olympic Games together. We all HEPO teams believe Beijing 2022 will inspire more people in the world to become winter sports lovers and live their winter sports dream.

HEPOBIO hereby sincerely extend this invitation:All medical and laboratory colleagues,Doctors and people suffering from patients to participate in the Olympics,to experience the hard work of athletes,persistence,never give up,and bravely pursue the Olympic spirit of transcendence.

HEPOBIO will feedback the participant "HEPOBIO Olympic COUPON" as new year gift!It can be used for all HEPOBIO brand medical and laboratory equipments' orders.Please contact with HEPO sales for details and getting it!

Warm Regards!