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  • Cerebral Circulatory Dysfunction Treatment System

    The HEPOBIO Cerebral Circulatory Dysfunction Treatment System is a new generation of encephalopathy functional rehabilitation comprehensive data system. It is composed of the pulse lines and magnetic field generated by the integrated three-dimensiona

  • Liquid Nitrogen Biological Cryogenic Preservation Container

    The HEPOBIO brand liquid nitrogen biological cooler is using liquid nitrogen as cryogenic source to realize cryopreservation.Adopt highly vacuumed multi-circle insulation technology and good performance of low temperature insulation to realize 24 Days to

  • Lab Biological Sample Storage Ultra low Temperature Freezer with frozen racks

    HEPO series Biological Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer is specially designed and manufactured for long term storage of various biological products,including viruses, germs. erythrocytes, leucocytes and cutis. Applications can be found in blood banks, hospit

  • China COVID-19 Personal Protective Kit

    For win COVID-19,we developed the disposable personal protective equipment kits.The kit can be including followed items.  1. Face mask  2. Goggles  3. Gloves  4. Head wear  5. Foot wear  6. Gown  7, Face Sheild  8,O

  • High End Hospital Operator Multifunctional Ventilator

    HP-VL300 is a multi-functional Ventilator adopting pneumatic, electronic control and microcomputer technology. Exported components are utilized to guarantee operational stability and reliability. With color screen (TEF) to display various measuring and co

  • Clinic Popular Medical Operation Ventilator

    HP-VL210 is a multi-functional Ventilator, it is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency. Display                  colored LCD,

  • Laboratory HighTemperature Water Circulator Bath Instruments

    HP series high temperature water circulator bath is a high temperature heating source developed by HEPO. The high temperature circulator is suitable for Laboratory jacketed reaction kettle, chemical pilot reaction, high temperature distillation, semicondu

  • Laboratory Low Temperature Water Circulator Bath

    HP series Low Temperature Water Circulator Bath is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medical and health, life sciences, light industry food property testing and chemical analysis research d

  • Medical Portable High Frequency X Ray Machine for Human Usage

    HP series portable High Frequency X ray system mainly applicable for the lumbar spine,chest,limbs,hand,foot,mouth and other parts x-ray radiography diagnosis by Doctor.It is Including image collection,image acquisition,image transmission and professi

  • Medical Ultrasound Heel Auto Bone Densitometer

    HP-UBD410H ultrasound bone densitometer is HEPO new generation calcaneus densitometer.It equip oil ballon probes,elegant appearance and better taste and comfortable feelings.The testing results can be printer directly and it can be connect with various mo

  • High End Laboratory Biologial Microscope

    HEPO HP-BMP500 series of high-level biological microscope experiments,the use of new and unique completely customize"ICCF infinit corrected colour free optical system"designed to achieve the performance,quality,appearance and enhance the compreh

  • Digital LED Power Binocular BIological Microscope

    HP series Digital LED power binocular biological microscopes are widely used in biology, bacteriology, histology, pharmacochemistry and other research institutes, medical tests can be carried out in the school laboratory for teaching purposes. Using binoc