HEPO INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY SOLUTION FOR HOSPITAL AND LABORATORY EQUIPMENTS.We can manufacturer products of Biochemistry Analyzer,Hematology Analyzer,Urine Analyzer,Elisa Reader,Dental unit,Biological Safety Cabinet,Laminar Flow Cabinet,Fume Hood,Autoclave,Incubator,Medical Refrigerator,Deep Freezer,Cooler Box,etc.
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  • Mini NIV Sleep Therapy System Machine

    The HP-VEN160 NIV Sleep Therapy System is a good performance in sleep center.It can be for home and other departments usage.It has good effect for high to low acuity, simple to complex cases, adult to geriatric patients,

  • ICU Medical Operation Ventilator

    The HP-VEN100 ventilator makes a good performance in operation room,ICU department and emergency treatment.It used to assist or replace the spontaneous breathing for adult pediatric and neonatal more than 2kg. 25 years experience in Market-oriented ventil

  • High End Hospital Operator Multifunctional Ventilator

    HP-VL300 is a multi-functional Ventilator adopting pneumatic, electronic control and microcomputer technology. Exported components are utilized to guarantee operational stability and reliability. With color screen (TEF) to display various measuring and co

  • Clinic Popular Medical Operation Ventilator

    HP-VL210 is a multi-functional Ventilator, it is applicable for children and adults in sickroom, ICU or of emergency. Display                  colored LCD,