Pleased to know you are interested in our absorption refrigerator.It's do have a great market for these products and we have involved great capital for developing these products.Wish we can establish good business relation for this market.Followed please find the classification for the absorption refrigerator we produced now.

The smallest absorption refrigerator is XC-30 with 30L capacity,which can be powered by electical only currently.Such as DC 12V battery is ok.Or AC 220V/50HZ or AC 110V/60HZ are ok too.We can set it for you.

And the smallest absorption refrigerator for Gas is XC-40 with capacity of 40L,which can be powered by electrical or LPG(Liquefied Petroleum).It's optional according to you.Also XC-50,XC-238 are ok too!

The smallest for Kerosene fridge is XCD-95 with refrigerator and freezer function.It can be powered by electrical,kerosene or LPG depend on your choice.XCD-183,XCD-240,XCD-300 and XD-200/XD-300 are ok too!

If our regular models above are ok for you,please select the models so that we can offer you the price.If not,please inform us your exactly demands,we can check here if it ok to produce it specially for you based on large quantity.